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Battle of the Snowflakes: Part Eleven

Part ten is here if you need a refresher. Full story after the cut!

Part 11: Good Evil VS Evil Good

A low hiss escapes Satantastic’s lips.

“Purity,” she says, black teeth bared.

“Villain,” Faith Hope Charity Love responds.

“What?” I say, backing away slowly.

“I’m here too,” Gamer Girl says, stepping out from behind FaithHCL. “Not that anyone cares.”

Through the shop’s front windows, I spy a floating cloud of dark broodiness that can only be The Darkness. Apparently everyone wants to see how this fight is going to go down.

Except me of course, but I don’t have a choice. Both Satantastic and Faith are between me and the exit. Somehow, I don’t think sprinting between the two in an escape attempt would be beneficial to my health. Instead, I take careful, measured steps backwards while scanning the room for something sturdy to hide behind.

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Battle of the Snowflakes: Part Ten

Whew, long overdue Sue Games has arrived! Full story after the cut:

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Battle of the Snowflakes: Part Nine

Part 9: Satantastic

About an hour after the shoe store incident, we pass by an enormous food court and decide to stop. Actually, Gamer Girl decides to go to the Speedy Weevil Express for some food and everyone else follows, claiming it was their idea to stop in the first place.

Like the rest of the mall so far, the place is eerily empty of intelligent life (unless you count the robots working the food joints). I give the Speedy Weevil Express one judgmental sniff before deciding to purchase my food elsewhere. The others, sans Gamer Girl, soon follow my lead.

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Battle of the Snowflakes: Part Eight

At long last, (and after an incredibly stressful winter break) the Sue Games/Battle of the Snowflakes continues. For those of you who need a refresher, here’s the compete short story collection so far: Part(s) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. If you have no clue what’s going on, check out all the links in part 1 and then read through.

Here we go again. Full story after the cut.

Part Eight: SHOPPING!

Victorious music blares as Purity is beamed back to her section. The fact that it’s the same twelve seconds of trumpet music that played when we arrived at the Games kind of takes away some of the majesty. Purity, completely unperturbed by her insta-boyfriend’s untimely death, doesn’t seem to mind the music.

I abstain from the chorus of congratulations to Charity, as does Gamer Girl.

Unfortunately, since there’s very few of us left, this means Hope’s congratulations consist mostly of a few half-hearted grunts from The Darkness and a slow clap from the still-smoking but now conscious Natasha Satantastic.

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All Moved In + An Announcement

I’m finally unpacked!

Mostly. Kind of.

The first week of school was a bit hectic (as first weeks tend to be) but not too bad. I’m in a couple film classes this term which, due to the fact that

a) I’m fascinated by film and

b) have never taken any film classes before

look like they’re going to be a tremendous amount of fun.

Also new this year is my ACTUAL job at the college radio station (88.7 FM KBVR Corvallis in case you’re interested) which is paying me ACTUAL money in exchange for me doing the things I love.

To say I’m excited would be an impressively erroneous understatement.

However this means that on my hierarchy of STUFF TO DO even more things will be placed above blogging and, as such, I’ll be cutting some of my fun projects back a bit, at least for the time being.

Now, I’m not placing the entire blog on hiatus (because that’s incredibly boring and, to tell you the truth, I’m still trying to make up for that dismal August postage. Two posts for the whole month? Seriously, I.C.?) but I AM placing a certain feature of the blog on hiatus.

Said feature is, as you probably guessed, SUE GAMES which will resume promptly on the first Tuesday of the new year.

There are several other reasons besides le job for the mini-hiatus which are:

1) The less free time I have the worse the quality and the punctuality of the updates: i.e. I don’t really want to continue updating if what I’m producing isn’t up to my own standards.

2) We are almost exactly halfway through the Sue adventures, making this an excellent pausing place.

3) I have several other projects I’d like to devote more time to for the next couple months.

4) I’m planning on participating in NaNoWriMo this year so the entire month of November was just going to be word count updates coupled with ridiculously attractive pictures of the Avengers anyway. . .

So yeah. Tiny hiatus llama for you:

Hiatus Llamasuegames

Stick around for regular blog postage but if you’re only here for Sue Games, I’ll see you in January!

Battle of the Snowflakes: Part Seven

You know the drill, full story after the cut!

Part Seven: Easy as Pie

My dress may be in shambles but at least I’m right back where I’m supposed to be: directly in the center of everyone’s attention and jealousy.

“You were stunning, stunning.

I’m not even sure how you survived that.”

“That was utterly ridiculous.”

Natasha Satantastic, formerly named Black Leopard Violet the Magnificent, points to me from her section mouthing, “you’re next.” She completes the threat by melodramatically drawing a single finger across her neck. I’m momentarily freaked out–until I remember that she’s done this empty threat to everyone who has won their match.

“What a finale,” Natasha Satantastic says. “Flixit, clearly with the upper hand just happening to trip and fall to her death because you implied you needed to get to the next round. Such sacrifice.”

Though I do my best to ignore her, the implication of my incompetence still stings a little. And by a little I mean not at all.

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Battle of the Snowflakes: Part Six

Whew, finally I have a new Sue games for you. (That rhyming was unintentional I swear). Full story after the cut.

Part Six: The Color Purple

While Natasha Satantastic receives her congratulations, I feel a twinge of fear, if only to make sure you all can still identify with me as a protagonist. Despite this, I do my best to focus on the upcoming round and, by extension, myself. If my perfect memory serves, my opponent should be the purple-infused girl in the section directly to my right.

I take the few seconds before the round starts to study the girl, which the green-floating letters above her remind me is Flixit Jane. The sheer amount of purple accessories Flixit’s packed on to her person somehow becomes more shocking the longer I’m exposed to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was grape flavored.

I am wearing my purple mountain’s majesty battle-ball gown though. Perhaps it will deflect some of her abilities.

I vaguely hear The Voice’s voice mumbling something in the background but I’m no longer paying attention. My mind has gone completely blank. I’m lost, mesmerized by the purple.

A light flashes, my body goes weightless. I guess it’s time for round four. I hope my hair looks okay.

Who am I kidding? Every inch of me always looks fabulous.

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Battle of the Snowflakes: Part Five

Ahhhhh, sorry for the wait, vacation+school+work+writing difficulties= not a fun time. Full story after the cut.

Part Five: So You Wanna Be a Magical Girl

There are no half-hearted backstabbing congratulations when The Darkness is beamed back into her section. Ordinary beings might confuse this silence with intimidation. It’s not. It’s jealousy. The boring first battle was nice enough I suppose but demolishing one of the strongest back-storied competitors with a couple of words and a gesture? Now that’s style.

Next round’s competitors are the red-eyed girl in the section beside me and Other Coralynnne. Both vanish in a flash of light.
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Battle of the Snowflakes: Part Four

Aha, you’re back for more I see. Full story after the cut.

Part Four: Halfling

A bit of whimsical flute music plays while Gamer Girl is beamed back to her section. There are backhanded compliments all around from the other girls and Gamer Girl soaks it all in. The blinding light returns moments later to take the couch-vested alien and the mysterious goth known as “The Darkness” to their battle-arena. The screen on the wall changes from the destroyed forest clearing to a cratered, gray landscape. Stat-O-Vision 9001 comes to life and flashes: “LOCATION: abandoned moon of Chanen-Q” on the screen.

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Battle of the Snowflakes: Part Three

Sorry for tardiness, I picked up a second job and am working 13+ hours some days on top of classes. Story after the cut. If you’re new, start with part one here and head on over to part two here.
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