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The Update

It’s been years.

Joking. (Well kind of).

I didn’t stop writing. In fact, if anything, I’ve written more in this past year than I ever have.

It just never made it to the blog.

I’m not entirely sure why, though I do have my suspicions.

Much of what I wrote so much about was deeply personal. All things I wouldn’t share on a public blog.

Another sizable chunk was spent writing for work. Work-writing is fulfilling for me but also doesn’t translate well to blog-space.

And of course, my other short stories and anecdotes and general mayhem made it to my writing classes, or Facebook, or didn’t get written at all because I was so very busy and tired and didn’t feel like it or…

But, as always, I missed this.

No promises this time. I don’t know whether I’ll update in a day or a month or ever again. But it feels different this time. I feel different. I think my last two years have played a major role in that.

Anyway, it’s good to be back.



Attack of the Rafter

Me, two days after moving in to my new place, to my housemates:

“So, do turkeys usually swarm our front yard?”

My housemate Cheri gave me a strange look followed by a long, drawn-out, “no…?”

She then followed me to the front door and gazed upon this:


This picture contains about half as many turkeys as had actually gathered. Several flew away while I was trying to get close enough to take a picture.

Turkeys, just wandering through our yard and pecking at the desolate, drought-stricken grass-scraps that pass for a lawn here in northern California.

Now, I don’t actually live near a forest, in fact I live in a neighborhood that’s nestled between a highway and another fairly busy road that leads to a college. It’s not exactly what you would call a wildlife refuge. In fact I have yet to see a deer (which are quite common) anywhere near the area. But for whatever reason, on this particular morning, about 20 turkeys decided to visit my house.

Bonus fact: when I was telling my parents this story, my dad informed me that it was not a “flock” of turkeys as I had incorrectly called them, but actually a “rafter.”


Done moving + new schedule + the window of darkness


I am in a new location. Physically, anyway (bloggy’s still in the same place, don’t worry). Sorry for the lack of postage lately but moving+school starting+working a graveyard shift = not a lot of time to create wondrous blog content.


Not menacing at all.

My new place is smaller and cheaper (woot) with the added bonus of being right down the street from my school, which means I can walk everyday and save gas money (once again: woot). But my favorite part by far has to be my bedroom window (see picture at left) which for some reason unbeknownst to logic and the sanity of architects everywhere, allows me a scenic view of our darkened garage.

My initial theory was that the window originally did look outside when the house was much smaller, and that it was covered up when the owners decided to add on a garage. However, my housemates (who have lived their much longer than I) told me that the window was in fact a recent addition, only added in the last year, when the garage was already in place.

This begs the question: why did the owner feel the need to include this? Did he/she believe the room needed a little something “extra”? Did they simply enjoy the darkened window aesthetic? Perhaps they supposed the usual pangs of claustrophobia would be assuaged by the promise of an escape, even if that escape only led to another darkened hole of existential despair.

We may never know.

On the upside, the window is directly above the washer and dryer, so I can check the state of my clothes without walking all the way around the house, which is nice.

In other news, school’s off to a rip-roaring start. I have realized however that my weekday schedule allows very little room for anything other than sleep, work, and school (not necessarily in that order) so you can expect most bloggy updates to occur on the weekends (like this one).

If you’re in the US, enjoy your Labor Day weekend. Everyone else: enjoy your regular/(insert local celebration here) weekend!