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Crab Boats

A recent trip to the beach reminded me of a story from my childhood.

When you find a whole top half of a crab shell, you get to make a wish.

You carry the shell down to the water and flip it upside-down so it looks like a little bowl. You place your wish in the shell and set it out to sea. Then you walk away and don’t look back.

It should be a big wish, a dream even. Something impossible for you but something you know can be done.

You leave.

The ocean eventually tips the boat over and spills the wish out onto the beach where it gets turned over and over in the waves. The sand carves the wish until it is refined, the smooth essence of what you wished for, minus the jagged edges of your expectations. Then and only then, months and years after the wish has been made, when you hardly remember it anymore, and on a day you least expect, it finally comes true.

And there’s your dose of whimsy for the day, free of charge.