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The Best Thing Since Sharknado?

Not actual poster

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present:

Moose Jaws.

The tagline is… wait for it…


With a moose.


Yes, it’s a real thing.

Even better, this movie is the last in a trilogy of Canadian-based horror-comedy films directed by Kevin Smith of Clerks fame. No, I’m not making this up. [link]

The first movie, “Tusk” follows a man who slowly turns into a walrus. It’s already out, so you can watch at your pleasure. Not that I’d recommend it.


Actual promotional poster

The second movie in this epic trilogy is titled, simply, Yoga Hosers. It comes out this year and will apparently follow two teenage girls who travel the countryside (of, naturally, Canada) fighting supernatural powers. They are also yoga fanatics (and convenience store clerks).

Moose Jaws is scheduled to be released sometime in the next year.