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Attack of the Rafter

Me, two days after moving in to my new place, to my housemates:

“So, do turkeys usually swarm our front yard?”

My housemate Cheri gave me a strange look followed by a long, drawn-out, “no…?”

She then followed me to the front door and gazed upon this:


This picture contains about half as many turkeys as had actually gathered. Several flew away while I was trying to get close enough to take a picture.

Turkeys, just wandering through our yard and pecking at the desolate, drought-stricken grass-scraps that pass for a lawn here in northern California.

Now, I don’t actually live near a forest, in fact I live in a neighborhood that’s nestled between a highway and another fairly busy road that leads to a college. It’s not exactly what you would call a wildlife refuge. In fact I have yet to see a deer (which are quite┬ácommon) anywhere near the area. But for whatever reason, on this particular morning, about 20 turkeys decided to visit my house.

Bonus fact: when I was telling my parents this story, my dad informed me that it was not a “flock” of turkeys as I had incorrectly called them, but actually a “rafter.”



Hiatus Hiatus, Hatin’ on Hiatus

Sorry for the hiatus, I’ve been doing things (which you’ve all heard about many, many times before), but I am trying to get back on schedule. This time last year I was in community college and working two days a week, (not exactly what you would call stretching the limits of my creativity or time). Now I’m writing for class, for radio, and for A2A and am slowly trying to get to a place where I can accommodate all three without having the quality of my work go substantially downhill.

And, as of now, I’ve realized that a lot of my posts are “sorry about not posting” posts, which, since you all have busy lives and know how this works, seem ridiculously redundant. So from now on, whenever I need a break for some reason, I’m going to post HIATUS LLAMA:

Hiatus Llama

This means “give me a week or two to sort things out” and has the added bonus of being a visual cue to me saying “hey, the llama’s up, you should probably think of something for A2A.”

If, on day fifteen after posting HIATUS LLAMA, I still haven’t done anything, feel free to invade my email/comments in a polite, properly-punctuated rage.

And no, I’m not on llama-hiatus right now, this is just one of those informatory deals.